Friday, June 28, 2013

This little hamlet is going to be my home for the next 5 weeks!

I made it safely to the quaint town of Villa de Leyva.
After a cramped plane ride, I was able to lean back and relax in a comfy and spacious bus and take in the views of the Colombian countryside. (If you´ve ever traveled by bus in Latin America, you know what I mean. They have big, luxury buses for long distance travel that are both cheap and comfortable).

 From what I´ve seen so far, Colombia is a beautiful country. The road we took winds its way through green, rolling hills dotted with simple homes, cows, horses, farm workers and dogs. Pulling into Villa de Leyva was really exciting for me. This little hamlet is going to be my home for the next 5 weeks! Although I felt a little lonely yesterday, today I feel much more comfortable and I've made some fantastic new friends. Carolina is one of my favorites: she is the 6 year old daughter of one of the ladies who works here. This morning Carolina and I took a photo tour of the hostel for you to see. (Most of these pictures were taken by her- she has quite the artistic eye!)

The lovely Carolina

My bedroom- a shared dorm (although so far it's just me)

Open air kitchen and dining area

Beautiful garden in the front

Open space next to the dining area (perfect for our evening yoga)
Picking guyabas and cherries for us to enjoy. 

This is Luis and the pobrecito cat that has a cone around his head because he got in a cat fight. Luis is super nice and loaned me his bike today. 

I was stoked to explore on a bicycle! After exploring town on the the bumpy cobblestone roads I ventured off to an ostrich farm!

These creatures are massive! They are also quite assertive and scared most of the women and children! I was shocked that they let us in there with them. 

Yeah I was scared too for a moment! They move so fast!

Check out these dinosaur feet!

I definitely got my animal fix today. This goat made me miss Alpe. 

Just like a misbehaved dog

Cute baby lamas


My little pony (and mama)

What good would a visit to the Ostrich farm be without trying the local meat? It was lean and rich- a very tasty burger!

Riding away I was greeted by a friendly horse

It's baby animal season here and I love it! These guys were just hanging out in some grass on the side of the road. 

Street performers in the plaza. The artist got the kids involved in painting too. 

I think that's plenty for now. Tomorrow is market day so I'm sure I will have many more to share next time. 

The hostel is pretty empty right now but we are expecting more visitors this weekend and I'll start working (hopefully not cleaning toilets). ;) 

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