Sunday, June 23, 2013

I'm going to Colombia!

It's true. I resigned from my job, kissed my husband and pup goodbye (just for a little while) and now I am headed toward the unknown...alone. I won't actually be alone though: There are over 46 million people in Colombia and I have been in email communication with Oscar Gilede, the owner of the hostel that I will be working and staying at for the next 5 weeks. I'll be living in a town called Villa De Leyva, a few bus hours northeast of Bogota. Jarrod will join me in August and we will have an entire month to tour around together before returning to normalcy. Yippee!

This site will serve as a collection of pictures, thoughts, and other tidbits while I am away. The one caveat: I am terrible with consistency, so if this is only updated through the end of June, my apologies. You can always reach me through email ( or facebook. As long as internet is easily available and this doesn't take up too much time, I will (probably) update it regularly with what I am up to.

More to come!


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