Sunday, June 30, 2013

Market Day!

My eyes and taste buds were dazzled at the Satrday market in the plaza. Fresh fruits and vegetables were piled high under tent after tent. I was happy to find that venders were not pushy but instead very friendly and helpful. I sampled the papaya and mandarins and avocados: all ripe and delicious!

Yes, they even had organic produce

Since I had not had breakfast yet, I followed my nose to the aroma of meat sizzling on the grill. People gathered around at 8 in the morning to sample the pork, sausage, corn, soups and arepas (delightful little corn patties). 

I asked the cook to make me a plate with her favorite things. Right there she grilled up a piece of pork and lamb, as well as a banana and arepa (also grilled). She was about to plop a pata de vaca (cow foot) on my plate and I stopped her there (it was a little too early in the day to be that adventurous!).

This hearty meal fueled me for the rest of the morning. I left the market with a bag full of produce and a full belly.

My pannier has served as a perfect shopping bag that I can strap to my back. 

All of this cost me a mere 12,000 pesos 
(or roughly $6). 
It's difficult to see in the photo but the avocados are HUGE! They were also the most expensive (3 or 5k). The yellow carrot-like vegetables are called cubios. They are a root vegetable that have a reputation for being an anaphrodisiac. (Note this is the opposite of aphrodisiac.) This is fine by me since I won't be seeing my husband for the next 5 weeks!

The hostel and town of Villa de Leyva is bustling this weekend. Monday is the holiday San Pedro so a lot of Colombian families from Bogota have come down to get away from the big city. 
My yoga spot in the grass is now filled with tents!
I was surprised (and excited) that most of the guests are Colombian. I've been speaking Spanish non-stop and meeting some really nice people. 

This wonderful family made an amazing lunch from scratch and invited me to join them. 

Tonight was my first night "working" and it is SO FUN! I've been helping out in reception, checking people in, fetching various things they might need, and mostly just talking to everyone. I've found Colombians to be the most friendly and outgoing people I've ever met traveling. 
This afternoon I made maiz pira (popcorn) for the kids. Yay!

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