Monday, June 24, 2013

Last Rendezvous Before Leaving the Country

For our last adventure together before we meet again in Colombia, Jarrod and I romped our Escape (aka: The Escapade) over Cinnamon Pass to Lake City, CO for his 50 mile trail run (no biggie).
The 'Escapade' at the top of the pass
The 4x4 road starts just north of Silverton, Colorado, over and through the beautiful San Juan Mountains and down to Lake San Cristobal, just outside of Lake City where the race starts. The pass climbs to 12,613 feet, which winded our trusty vehicle, but she still made it after taking a breather at the top.
Smoke from the fire on Wolf Creek was visible from the top.
It grew so large that Wolf Creek Pass (the way we would have driven for a less bumpy ride)

Picnic at the bottom of Sunshine/Red Cloud

We camped out with family and had 3 glorious days for hiking, playing in the ducky, and cheering on Jarrod and Justin during their grueling run.

Jarrod and I coming in to the finish line
(I was his pacer for the last 10 miles)
The man was all smiles at every aid station.

Mom climbed two 14'ers (Sunshine and Red Cloud).
It was her first big hike since undergoing chemo last year.
What a champ!

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