Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Redneck in Me

Today I satisfied the redneck in me and romped around on a quad with my new friend Ganzo!

Ganzo is a Mexican-American from South Carolina and has traveled all over the world:

Since we didn't make a reservation, the only quads they had for us were a couple of older ones with manual transmissions. We had a quick lesson on shifting in the parking lot and then we were off!

As we were heading toward the trails our guide's dirt bike started to break down so we waited on the side of the road for 30 minutes until he returned on a different bike with another kid riding with him and two other people on quads. Below is a picture of our guides: (yes I am pretty sure they are as young as they look): 

What you see in the distance are Los Pozos Azules (blue ponds). There are about five of them nearby, which is amazing to see in the middle of the desert. 

Yeah, it was fun!

The day continued to entertain us as we meandered through the Saturday farmers market and then stopped for some delicious tapas at a new Spanish Restaurant. 

This lovely couple moved here from Barcelona 8 months ago to escape the crumbling economy. They just opened their restaurant 15 days ago. For being a new place, they sure know what they are doing. The food was amazing and the atmosphere in the courtyard was so inviting with a wishing well in the center and the waiters and waitresses dressed up in traditional Spanish outfits:

Before leaving they offered me a job handing out flyers to promote the restaurant. Perhaps they can pay me in wine and tapas!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I accidentally left my iPhone in the bathroom at the quad rental shop. I didn't realize this until hours later at the tapas restaurant. Oh sh$@! My photos, my connection with family and friends, my computer, my everything! Ganzo and the owners apologized and said that it is for sure gone by now but we can walk over after lunch to check. An iPhone (with a snazzy otter box case) would be a nice find for anyone. Instead I got up and ran out of the restaurant, across the main plaza ("hola mamacita!") and down the cobblestone roads to the quad shop. I rushed through the shop to the bathroom and when I found my phone on top of the towel dispenser where I left it I was so excited, you would have thought I just found my lost baby. 

I know it's just a phone and I shouldn't be so attached. The thing is, being here so far away from home doesn't feel so far away when I can see what people are up to on Facebook, send text messages, photos, and even make phone calls; all with this little computer that goes everywhere with me. Technology has it's advantages and disadvantages. For me, being able to easily communicate with everyone back home is a huge advantage. Keep in touch!

Here are some more pictures just for fun:

This is the view from a nearby hike to El Santo, a spiritual spot for the indigenous people from this area. 

PastelerĂ­a Francesa (merci!)

Music in the plaza (the guy singing with a beard works at the hostel)

Rose Marie is an awesome girl I met from Montreal: 

Cute kids running around in the plaza


Say "whiskey!"

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  1. Fun stuff, Tracy! Glad you found the iPhone. I know how that feels. Looks like a fabulous time...thank you for sharing!